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Hardware Installation

  1. Turn off both your PCs.

  2. Insert the card into your Game-PC.

  3. Connect one end of the USB Cable with the MAIN Port of the card and connect the other end with your 2nd PC using an USB3 Port.

  4. Start your game-PC and enter the BIOS.

  5. Make sure that the red power-light at the back of the card is on – indicating that the card is operational and has power.

  6. Make sure that the green led at the front is on. When starting the PC the green light will flash a few times, indicating that the devices is booting up. When it turns green constantly it indicates that the device correctly initialized.

  7. Optional: If the green light keeps flashing, try to insert the card into a different PCI slot. (Preferably a x4/x16 Slot)

BIOS Modifications

In order to access the memory of your machine properly DMA devices require you to disable virtualization on your machine. Make the following changes in your BIOS:

  • Disable Virtualization (AMD)
    Disable IQMMU (AMD CBS > NBIO Common Options > NB Configuration > IOMMU)

  • Disable Virtualization (INTEL)
    Disable VT-d

  • Disable NX-Bit (if available, CPU Settings Secure Virtual Machine)

  • Set PCI Slot of Card to From Auto to Gen1 (Advanced > PCI Settings)

Once you modified your BIOS Settings it is important to turn off your PC after saving/rebooting. Otherwise the changes will not be activated.

Testing Your Setup

  1. Boot your Game-PC into Windows.

  2. Boot your 2nd PC and login into Windows.

  3. To Ensure that the card was detected properly by checking if the device “FT601” is present in the device manager of your 2nd PC. Alternatively you can unplug the cable and put it back, you should hear the sound Windows makes when plugging USB devices in/out.

  4. Start the RaptorDMA Test Tool with administrator rights by right-clicking it and choosing “Run As Administrator”.

  5. The RaptorDMA Test Tool will now generate a memory map of your game-pc and store the data in the registry of your 2nd PC at “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DMAHardware”. If it succeeded generating the memory map a Message Box will appear, notifying you that it’s required to reboot the game pc.

  6. Reboot the game pc.

  7. Start the RaptorDMA Test Tool again. You should be notified that it successfully found the process “SVCHOST.EXE” on your game-pc and that the testing was completed successfully.

  8. Congratulations, your setup is complete and you can now use your DMA Device.