RaptorDMA PCIe Adapter

Invisible with customized firmware

The default pcileech firmware can be easily identified by software on the host system. With an optional customized firmware the device will be become nearly invisible to any software on the host system.

Xilinx 7 Series FPGA

The Board is equipt with a XC7A35T Xilinx 7 FPGA. The chip provide the highest performance-per-watt fabric, transceiver line rates, DSP processing, and AMS integration.

Fast USB 3.0 FT 601

The FT600/FT601 is a USB3.0 to FIFO-interface bridge chip that supports up to USB3.0 Super Speed with (5Gbps)

Fully PCILeech Compatible

The perfect pcileech hardware. Our device is fully compatible with the open-source PCILeech software. Through the Xilinx Vivado Software Suite you can easily flash the device with your own pcileech firmware.

On-Board JTAG

The RaptorDMA board has an on-board JTAG so you can easily modify the device without complicated wiring. Simply plug your USB-Cable into the 2nd port - done!

Next-Generation PCI FPGA Card

By accessing the physical memory of the host system through Direct Memory Access you can explore and analyze an operating systemand its processes LIVE. This not only gives you unmatched control over the host system, you can also circumvent any software-based solutions that might prevent you from accessing rocesses or even kernel-memory.

Compatible with 3rd Party Software

The board is not limited to DAMNCheaters software only. It will work with any PCILeech compatible software.

Fully Customizable

You can fully customize the board due to the open-source software available or alternatively use a 1-click solution offered by 3rd party developers.

Easy Upgrades

Unlike other hardware there is no fiddling with JTAG cables, breaking ports or damaging your host PC while doing an update with this board.

How is this board any better than e.g. Screamer M.2?

The on-board JTAG makes it easy to update the firmware. With proper USB-A ports you don't need to worry about breaking your hardware. We don't leave you alone with just the hardware but also offer you software support and a SDK making it easy to work with DMA. Several developers already offer custom firmwares for this device, making it virtually invisible to software on the host system. Included in each purchase is a free firmware update to a customized firmware.

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